Leadership Discovery

Synanim enables workforce development professionals to discover high leadership potential using Synanim’s dynamical peer-to-peer process.

  • Understand a team’s own assessment of each individual’s communication skill, initiative, and empathy.
  • Motivate contributions to peer learning and development by linking metrics to workforce performance systems.

Most techniques rate leadership with a questionnaire. They analyze responses for “leadership traits” and rate them relative to average scores.

Synanim is very different. Within its fast-paced, dynamical environment, participants interact within small groups to determine leadership rank based on communication skill, initiative, and empathy. Participants identify leaders not by voting, but through their own actions. Synanim tracks these actions and measures the results.

Synanim cost-effectively serves any group size, from dozens to millions, by “tiering.” First tier leaders may be regrouped with other selected leaders for further assessment. You can identify small numbers of finalists from an unlimited number of Participants.


Synanim guides dynamical small-group collaboration. Participants respond to each group response interactively over a series of steps. Administrators pose the questions they consider and the length and number of steps.

But it is the users themselves that ultimately assess their own performance. Synanim computes results by tracking the selections each participant makes from among the entries their group produces. Users are essentially racing for leadership by applying communication skill, initiative, and empathy.

Using “tiering,” where leaders from initial groups advance into new groups to continue, Synanim can identify any number of final participants from an unlimited number of applicants.


  • Synanim helped us gather ideas and prioritize them while working with hundreds of participants from many walks of life. We brought new and innovative contributions into our work, and finetuned our own perspectives, within a matter of hours. What a fabulous tool!
    --Amy Caiazza, Ph.D.
    Director, Institute for Women's Policy Research

  • The benefits of this group mind meld were profound. This is a marvelous tool you've created!
    --Jeannine Seymour

  • I think Synanim is brilliant. The evolution of the statements was really amazing to see, and it is totally engrossing.
    --Patty Chapman

  • This experience was like an electric jolt -- working with others, exciting, demanding, and uplifting.

  • This technology, truly, has the potential to change the world for the good, and to change politics, also for the good...!
    --Lea Pierce

  • wow! what an amazing experience! initially, i was somewhat intimidated, not being all that savvy about computers... but i got right into it, and actually enjoyed it.
    --B. Greenberg

  • I finally feel like I actually can make myself heard and can express my views, ideas with other people. What a great idea.

  • I loved it! I found this to be a very engaging two hour experience.... I look forward to more!
    --Rev. Judy

  • I was so impressed with the process yesterday.... And I'm a writer. My mind reels with all the ways I could use this technology.
    --Tandi K. Rogers