Sales Leadership

For many companies, the nature of sales is changing. Customers are showing a preference for solutions that are better tailored to their requirements and for long-term partnerships that produce increased ROI.

To address these changes, many organizations are migrating to a consultative selling strategy. This requires retooling selling behaviors and success profiles, and so is among the most difficult challenges facing sales organizations today.

Self-Training = Teambuilding = Sales Unit Profitability
Managers are realizing that high-performers are not always the greatest contributors to sales unit profitablity. To paraphrase Stanford economists and authors of The Wages of Wins, the best salespeople are not necessarily those who “score the most.”

For Supercharging Your Sales Processes, Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu recommends “teaching the high-performer skills and behaviors to the rest of the team.” Synanim delivers a low-cost supplemental training regimen by coaxing the best tactics from your top performers. Synanim quantifiably measures leadership by identifying who makes the most significant contributions to team learning.

Managers can link these numeric results to commissions, thereby motivating top performers to contribute. And since Synanim measures leadership based on service to team, managers are given a new and powerful tool for developing overall group cohesiveness.

  • Synanim helped us gather ideas and prioritize them while working with hundreds of participants from many walks of life. We brought new and innovative contributions into our work, and finetuned our own perspectives, within a matter of hours. What a fabulous tool!
    --Amy Caiazza, Ph.D.
    Director, Institute for Women's Policy Research

  • The benefits of this group mind meld were profound. This is a marvelous tool you've created!
    --Jeannine Seymour

  • I think Synanim is brilliant. The evolution of the statements was really amazing to see, and it is totally engrossing.
    --Patty Chapman

  • This experience was like an electric jolt -- working with others, exciting, demanding, and uplifting.

  • This technology, truly, has the potential to change the world for the good, and to change politics, also for the good...!
    --Lea Pierce

  • wow! what an amazing experience! initially, i was somewhat intimidated, not being all that savvy about computers... but i got right into it, and actually enjoyed it.
    --B. Greenberg

  • I finally feel like I actually can make myself heard and can express my views, ideas with other people. What a great idea.

  • I loved it! I found this to be a very engaging two hour experience.... I look forward to more!
    --Rev. Judy

  • I was so impressed with the process yesterday.... And I'm a writer. My mind reels with all the ways I could use this technology.
    --Tandi K. Rogers