The Process

Synanim’s synchronous process moves participants through a series of steps, in which each individual submits a text entry according to instructions. Before each subsequent step, individuals review all the text entries submitted by their group and then select the one entry they believe best reflects the group. They then proceed to write and edit using their chosen selection, freely incorporating any of the group’s ideas into their next written entry. Synanim tracks each selection and computes a score, measuring: “Entry Points” and “Vote Points.”

Participants earn Entry Points based on the number of times their entries are selected. They earn Vote Points based on the number of others who vote the same way they vote. For example, if an individual votes for (selects) an entry that many others also voted for, they earn more points than if they had voted for an entry that few or no other group members voted for.

Synanim measures empathy via Vote Points, because they reflect the ability to identify group values. It measures communication skill with Entry Points, and initiative by a combination of both: (a) initiative is inherent in the decision to vote for or against one’s own entry, and (b) in order to earn the votes of others, Synanim users must both communicate what they know others value and introduce compelling new ideas.

  • Synanim helped us gather ideas and prioritize them while working with hundreds of participants from many walks of life. We brought new and innovative contributions into our work, and finetuned our own perspectives, within a matter of hours. What a fabulous tool!
    --Amy Caiazza, Ph.D.
    Director, Institute for Women's Policy Research

  • The benefits of this group mind meld were profound. This is a marvelous tool you've created!
    --Jeannine Seymour

  • I think Synanim is brilliant. The evolution of the statements was really amazing to see, and it is totally engrossing.
    --Patty Chapman

  • This experience was like an electric jolt -- working with others, exciting, demanding, and uplifting.

  • This technology, truly, has the potential to change the world for the good, and to change politics, also for the good...!
    --Lea Pierce

  • wow! what an amazing experience! initially, i was somewhat intimidated, not being all that savvy about computers... but i got right into it, and actually enjoyed it.
    --B. Greenberg

  • I finally feel like I actually can make myself heard and can express my views, ideas with other people. What a great idea.

  • I loved it! I found this to be a very engaging two hour experience.... I look forward to more!
    --Rev. Judy

  • I was so impressed with the process yesterday.... And I'm a writer. My mind reels with all the ways I could use this technology.
    --Tandi K. Rogers